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Your tax and business consulting in 1090 Vienna

Business Coaching

A certain problem keeps coming back?

Certain topics keep circling in your and your employees' minds? An external coach, an expert, has another point of view and helps to develop new solutions. A business coach additionally employs her economic know how and her experience.

Coaching advantages:

  • Coaching offers interactive consulting instead of ready-made concepts
  • The solution comes from the client. Therefore, the solution is realistic and realizable
  • Coaching solidifies the base of making decisions
  • Through the intense interaction there is a knowledge transfer from coach to client
  • The coaching speed is adapted to the client
  • Coaching is showing results very quickly
  • The high efficiency of coaching makes it an affordable consulting method

Brigitte Fischer

"We combine different fields of expertise when coaching. As coach you screen single points to come to a good decision. As tax and business experts we analyse at the same time the consequences for your business."

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