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Company Culture – ClanValue®

Constant Fluctuation Reduces Your Company's Success?

Every entrepreneur knows: In companies providing services, one of the biggest challenges of the future is to retain top employees . Because: staff is eqivalent to = orders booked. You have to ensure that your qualified employees are emotionally bound to the company, not just financially. working and living in a functioning network of a clan, welded together by common values and visions, increases the satisfaction and motivation of employees as well as the company’s value.

Clan Value® addresses values which play a very important role in the following situations:

  • During various change processes in a company.
  • In connection with a merger: when different corporate values collide and have to be blended into each other.
  • When there are several generations in one company and the management is being transferred to a younger generation.

Our services for you:

  • Clan-Check: analysis of status quo, demand and chances
  • Clan-Vision Workshops: Development of the value world and the Clan Vision
  • Clan-Evaluation: Validation of the ClanValue® efficiency

Elisabeth Heller

"Corporate management with Clan Value pays off. Minus 5% fluctuation per year in a 20-staff company equals the value of a middle class car."

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