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Mergers & Acquisitions

You want to expand your company?

Besides the many advantages which are offered by a merger, the companies involved have to face big challenges: risk assessment, financing and evaluation, development of the strategy, merging of two corporate cultures. For decisions of this fundamental importance, it is indispensable to get assistance from experts and their knowledge.

Our services for you:

  • Development of a strategy and strategic corporate planning
  • Preparation and execution of the classic business due diligence
  • Systematic analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the object of purchase
  • Analysis of the purchase-connected risks
  • Profound evaluation of the enterprise
  • Formulation of the letter of intent
  • Preparation of tax optimized transaction structures
  • Models of financing the company acquisition
  • Preparation and evaluation of business models for new structures
  • “Second Opinion” in difficult decision making processes
  • Set-up and maintenance of controlling and reporting systems in the associate companies
  • Analysis of existing shares and pointing out potentials for optimization and/or needs for restructuring

Elisabeth Heller

"Mergers hold big challenges on many levels for all companies involved. In this case, a partner keeping a cool head proves his worth."

Do you plan a merger, or are you amidst such a process? Request a free initial consultation!