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Digital accounting

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Welcome in the digital world!

Start with us into the digital future and benefit from the value added. Our experts adapt to the digital change – we are a modern enterprise. That's we are offering now the option of submitting your documents electronically, saving time and money. Heller Consult's digital accounting improves visibly the daily workload between you and us.

Your advantages:

  • Save money: reduced costs for mail or messenger, and for printing
  • Save time: Upload your bills comfortably with one click, at home or on the go by smartphone
  • Save the time for the way to us or to the post office.
  • Bills available 24/7: Access your documents with one click. Originals rest with you.
  • High data security. (Our systems meet all safety requirements.)
  • Reduced mail volume: Professional, simple, and comfortable. Additional value added – for you

Your added value:

From now, electronic remittance data sets for the salary remittance to employees and for the remittance of payroll fringe costs to the respective authorities can be input into the online system of your bank. So you will avoid typing in the individual transfers. For you, we are looking beyond our nose and are working with digitalized systems which lightens your workload. Avail yourself of Heller Consult's digital service!

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