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Social Security

Loosing track of the variety of working models?

An amplitude of new regulations makes it more difficult for employee as well as employers to find out which type of employment results in which type of social security. We deliver the right answers.

Our services for you:

  • Clarification of the ideal occupation form: Work contract, free contract of employment, etc..
  • Correspondence with the social security carrier: announcement of starting an enterprise, file applications for decrease of prescribed contributions, enforcement of care entitlements etc.
  • Revision of prescribed contributions
  • After determination of taxable profits follows the calculation of the actual stipulated contributions
  • Optimized solutions for questions of international social security (e.g. delegation of employees abroad)
  • Consulting for expats

Sandra Lengauer

"Everybody is talking about motivation of employees. But first, all important formal and legal questions have to be clarified that both sides are satisfied."

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