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Tax Audit

The next audit will definitely occur!

Every entrepreneur knows that company audits are a time consuming and weary issue. However, every company has an audit on a regular basis. The bigger the company, the more often these companies get audited. The longer the last audit is dated back, the more likely another audit may happen. Then there are more extensive audits in some industries, special audits as well as audits which are chosen randomly by a PC. But fear you not! Our tax consultants and experts are used to difficult challenges and know the specific questions of auditors. We are your experienced partner for your audit!

We deal with your worries. You benefit from our know how and our performance You benefit because you can focus on your core business during the time of the audit.

Our services for you:

  • Arrangement of appointment with the auditor/s & specification of our office as location for the audit
  • If so required, inspection of your enterprise together with the auditor
  • Preparation of all needed presentation documents jointly with you
  • Supply of digital records
  • We are the contact person for the auditor in case of any questions
  • Preparation and implementation of the final meeting
  • Examination of modified tax assessments
  • Preparation of legal appeals
  • Representation in penal procedures concerning taxes
  • Consulting in case of voluntary declaration of tax liabilities

Elisabeth Heller

"External auditing is one of the most uncomfortable commitments in business life. We are your partner to rely on!"

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